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Me The Runner: First Week down… 13 miles in 4 days.

My first triumph is done.  An entire week dedicated to learning how to run is bringing me closer to my goal to complete the Country’s Midnight Run this August.  It has also allowed me to focus on using mobile apps to track progress.

Running Was Never Like This

In the header image you can see my RunKeeper progress but I am not just using this popular app.  I am also using Endomondo.  When I was younger, I ran for conditioning and stamina for playing sports.  I ran a lot.  So much that I wish I could know just how much it totals to.  Granted, it may still be a small count to anyone who played soccer or football.

These two mobile apps have allowed me to set benchmarks or milestones for my progress.  For example, without much more than hitting the start and stop button I know my avg mile pace, calories burned and total miles across all my activities.

Being a tech friendly person and an analytic hog, I don’t mind the push when I can track and see the back and forth of motivation.

RunKeeper versus EndoMondo:  Early Stages

I run both these apps during my activities and I must say I like them both.  RunKeeper is almost a staple in the running community and Endomondo has caught my interest because of their cool interface and ‘trending’ launch.

This is just the first week so I have not bought into the pay versions nor have I completed enough activities to dive into the real analysis part which looks real interesting.

Endomondo and RunKeeper Gallery Images


I am already feeling better and expect to continue to climb the Couch to 5k with the Columbus Roadrunners and Big Dog Running Company!  I was able to add an extra cycling activity to the week which makes me happy because I was also able to do it with my son for Dadurday as we biked the Riverwalk.  🙂


I am expecting to begin to see some weight loss along with tighter muscles in my legs.  I am already stretching every night to keep me limber.

Until next week!

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I am a husband to a beautiful wife named Whitney and Dad to a wonderful baby boy. Yay! :) Damien Augustus Shaffer has come into this world on March 15th 2010. In my professional life, I have accumulated over 4 years utilizing a wide range of technologies to develop software solutions for my current employer. Most of this time was spent learning methodical approaches within different environments to broaden my programming knowledge and project planning abilities. These environments include both open source and Windows based development, mainly Web. I also dabble in Social Media and it applications in today's culture and marketplace. I consider it a hobby but some may say its an obsession. ;) I enjoy it immensely.

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