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And My #G2 Arrives: T-Mobile Shipped It Early

Just in case you didn’t already know,  my dedication to the Android OS for mobile devices has been cemented even further into the ground today.  My G2 arrived yesterday and was locked in an apartment office until this morning.

I got it. And here it is in all it’s glory.

Coming off my Nexus One, I feel this is the complete device for me.  With all the great stats I can rattle off I would much rather use this time to talk about my personal experience with Android and this new G2.

First off, my Nexus One and I had an incident in the past and you can read more about it here.  After the swmming incident my Nexus One was never the same.  Some would even say I lost my luster for the device as it just didn’t seem quite right.  I was still in love with the device but it had turned more into a co-dependent relationship where if I did not continue to brag about the exclusiveness of the phone it’s reputation would have diminished.  With that being said, my Nexus One will always be a trophy phone and I will always remember how it changed my life.

Now, with the G2, I am propelled faster in the direction the Nexus One has placed me towards and I think this will be a definite winner.  Just having a physical keyboard makes long-winded communication easier.  I dreaded trying to explain to a client something in detail while typing using the on-screen keyboard.  I have trouble with them because no matter how smart (swype, tactile feedback or auto-spell) the device I could never find proficiency in typing.  You are bound by the software and that’s not the way it should be; not when typing.

I am no longer bound to the speed at which my on-screen keyboard will ALLOW me to type.  I will fly on the physical keyboard.  Win!

Nextly, I am pumped about the HSPA network that T-Mobile is building.  If you haven’t heard, HSPA is the next gen 3G (kinda like 4G) upgrade that supports increased peak data ratyes up to 14 Mbits/s in the downlink and 5.8Mbits/s in the uplink.  So….it’s super fast.  Some say faster than 4G.  We will see…

Lastly, it’s a new device.  Cheers the world for the feeling in my belly when I have a new toy.

Cheers to T-Mobile for the pre-release and new technology to brag about.  Cheers to Google and the Android team for making life easier.  When I turned on the G2 I logged into my Google account and EVERYTHING from my Nexus One and online world was imported automatically.  Thanks again.

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