Saying Goodbye To A Smartphone: A Novella On Pride

It has come to my saddest attention that my G2 is now suffering from an ailment that is not covered by our insurance ($130 replacement fee?) nor my patience.  For the past few weeks, my smartphone has been overshadowed by my android tablet and since then it has been ‘having issues’.

Much like any relationship, without the proper care and attention it is sure to fail.  I have been neglecting the device, so to speak.

My G2, while one of the best around, has begun showing signs of age after only a whopping 6 months.  The screen acts as if there is a magical finger tapping in one spot causing my interaction with the screen to give me migraines.  I can no longer function normally and for that purpose I am thinking on pulling the plug.

I once was too proud to say the G2 had it’s issues but it is now to the point where this heavy, bulky, awkward and powerful device is now a cancer in my pocket.  It’s weight eats away at my belt line causing my pants to be pulled up every 15 minutes.  The flimsy keyboard draws my attention to the fact that I don’t use the keyboard which makes the device twice as thick as any other device I once owned (Nexus One).

No my pride is simply not enough to keep backing this device.  It is time to say goodbye and relinquish my hold on a device I wanted to be the best…to be the awesomest.  I can say the device is not a failure but just an inadequate take on my needs and by far a misjudgment on my expectations.

May I never fall victim to the terms ‘full-qwerty keyboard’ again.

NEXT UP!  ‘Me And My G2X:  Happily Ever After’ so stay tuned… (G2x discounted greatly from loyalty program on the way!  T-Mo win!)