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And Thanks Go Out To…

It”s tough.

Real tough.

Every once in a while I want to loosen my grip and let out a little slack.  If only just to take a moment to look around.

My eyes often see flashes of the many versions of myself and I like some more than others.  In one version, I am a projection on the wall where people see through me.  I am a character in a soundless story where my actions are the only communication I have.  In another, I am lost in a bed of  blankets with my son as the laughter echos off the walls around us.  It”s the closest to a dream that I can imagine.

As I shift from father, entrepenuer, husband to friend, I know that the foundation I always return to is the support and devotion of my wife.  I can be quite a handful when I set my mind to something and to think about how she burdens herself with my mission is undeniably the reason I am in love with her.

Thank You Whitney.  Thanks for your faith in me.

Whitney Knight Shaffer, My Loving Wife!

Each day represents another chance to move forward or fall behind.  And I know I could not do it without her.

I don”t get to say it as much as I should but I am the product of a vast support system of family, friends, colleagues, dreamers and believers.  This is for you!

Thank you son.  Thank you wife.
Thanks for giving me strength when I am weak.

Thank you parents.  Thank you family.
Thanks for giving me the tools to love life.

Thank you friends.  Thank you believers.  
Thanks for continually providing fuel to succeed.

Thank you colleagues.  Thank you dreamers.
Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

And thanks to the team at Stand And Stretch.
Thanks for sharing the vision.

(multiply this times infinity)



About the Author

I am a husband to a beautiful wife named Whitney and Dad to a wonderful baby boy. Yay! :) Damien Augustus Shaffer has come into this world on March 15th 2010. In my professional life, I have accumulated over 4 years utilizing a wide range of technologies to develop software solutions for my current employer. Most of this time was spent learning methodical approaches within different environments to broaden my programming knowledge and project planning abilities. These environments include both open source and Windows based development, mainly Web. I also dabble in Social Media and it applications in today's culture and marketplace. I consider it a hobby but some may say its an obsession. ;) I enjoy it immensely.

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